Dr Vaishali's Skin Clinic

Acne Treatment

Acne is a very common problem for people who have oily skin. 8 out of 10 teenagers and even adults suffer from various forms of acne due to various reasons like pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits, unhygienic conditions,hormonal imbalance etc The follicle glands become overactive and as a result produce more sebum. It blocks the follicles and creates pimples on your skin. Dr. Priyanka designs tailor made treatments for each patient depending on the severity and duration of acne. After acne treatment treatment for scars and PIH if any is done In fact, we also have laser treatment for acne scars removal so that people who have already suffered from acne for years can get a cure for the spots that acne has left on their skin. There are many acne treatments available to combat the post effects of acne, from Subscision, dermarollers, deep peels. These scar removal treatments have been a breakthrough discovery for the removal of acne scars on skin. Also Post treatment care is taught so that recurrency of acne can be easily avoided. So end result is supple, glowy, pimpleless skin for a more confident you.